First Trailer For Gaming Mockumentary Players Pokes Fun Of Pro Esports With Pee Jar Joke

Paramount+ has released the first trailer for Players, its upcoming mockumentary about video games, and it looks like it’s going to offer up a good roast of the world of esports.

Players was created by Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault, the co-creators of the Netflix mockumentary American Vandal, a parody of true crime shows. Players follows a fictional professional League of Legends team trying to win the League of Legends Championship Series.

As the trailer sets up, the team–Fugitive–is riding high and its star–Creamcheese (Misha Brooks)–is the talk of the town. That is, until a prodigy, Organizm (Da’Jour Jones), is brought on board to join the team. The two clash, and they must settle their differences and mellow their egos to win the tournament.

The trailer is packed with silly moments and jabs at professional competitive gaming. For example, Organizm is ridiculed for being so obsessed with gaming that he refuses to get up for bathroom breaks and instead urinates in a jar in his room.

Developer Riot Games is in on the joke, too, as the gaming studio is an official partner on the show, which premieres on June 16.

In other news, Paramount+’s Halo TV show is streaming now and it’s been a big success for the network.

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