Gymnast Nastia Liukin in thigh-skimming shorts for tequila

Nastia Liukin smiles close up. Pic credit: ©

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is getting her tequila on in thigh-skimming shorts as she both flaunts her Gold Medal figure and promotes a brand. The 32-year-old was busy on Instagram over Cinco de Mayo, posting for her 1.1 million followers and reminding fans that she makes a mean cocktail.

Nastia might come super healthy with her smoothies and high-protein diet, but she knows how to up her drinks game.

Nastia Liukin goes leggy for Cinco de Mayo tequila

Posting in video mode, the Russian-born gymnast was seen prepping her hostess with the mostest act as she paraded around for a fit check before her drinks showoff.

Sizzling in tiny orange shorts barely covering her toned legs, the blonde went colorful in a patterned pink and green jacket cover-up, also wearing hot pink, strappy, and heeled sandals. She was seen adding the finishing touches to her makeup while in front of a massive mirror, then getting on with the drinks.

Fans saw Nastia heading to an outdoor terrace, where platters with limes and oranges were all laid out alongside 1800 Tequila. A hand was seen pouring up the mix and finishing it off with an orange slice – of course, Liukin was also seen taking a sip as she looked effortlessly glamorous.

Nastia confirmed her post to be a paid partnership, gaining over 2,800 likes for it.

Taking to her caption, Liukin told fans: “One of my favorite traditions is creating a fun, signature cocktail for Cinco de Mayo. I ALWAYS use @1800tequila because it’s deep and complex, yet silky smooth and luxurious. This year I’m making a 1800 Cristalino Cadillac Margarita. It’s light, refreshing, and elevated—perfect for your celebrations. And if you don’t have the ingredients, bring a bottle of 1800 for the host! It’s the most luxe gift!” She then listed the recipe, one including 1800 Cristalino, fresh lime juice, Agave syrup, plus the “orange wheel” completing the whole thing.

What’s Nastia Liukin getting paid for Insta promos?

Nastia is a regular influencer, having promoted brands from Dove and Olay beauty to Facebook App and Revolve.

Per experts at Vox, pay on social media correlates with following. “Influencers with up to 1 million followers can get $10,000 [per post], depending on the platform, and 1 million followers and up, you’re getting into territory where they can charge $100,000. Some can even get $250,000 for a post!” the outlet states. Nastia also boasts her own Volition skincare range, plus an APL sneaker collab.

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