Lady Gaga surprised fans with a rare photo without makeup

Lady Gaga surprised fans with a rare photo without makeup

It is extremely important to understand that the image that stars broadcast to us on social networks can be very different in real life. Some celebrities abuse photo editors so much that they are no longer recognized on the street. By the way, Lady Gaga is definitely not one of them.

Despite the point that it is rather difficult to find a photo of the singer on the Web, taken without heavy makeup and false eyelashes, the star adores her natural beauty. These words are confirmed by a new selfie that Stephanie (real name Lady Gaga – ed.) posted on the blog the day before. 

On it, the singer poses in bed without makeup, showing off her even and hydrated skin tone to fans. “What’s happening?” – the star signed the picture, as if hinting to subscribers that she can look amazing without the help of makeup artists. 

“Wow, the first time I saw Lady Gaga without makeup. Very beautiful”, “Lady Gaga’s skin at the age of 36 deserves special respect”, “What a beautiful Stephanie, there are simply no words,” Internet users discussed the frame. 

Can we get a brand new celebrity skin care line? Who knows! But whatever it is, what we do know is that it is sure to be talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping … you will find a summary of it.


Don’t worry, I’m going to add this selfie to my Skin Inspiration Pinterest board … Quit the skin care routine as soon as possible, Gaga.

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