Oliver Tree indicts The Kid Laroi of plagiarizing music video

Oliver Tree indicts The Kid Laroi of plagiarizing music videos. At the end of April, the Australian musician released the video “Thousand Miles.” A week later, Oliver Tree edited a video in which he compared his work and the novelty of The Kid Laroi, saying that it is impossible not to notice the similarity. On the eve of the American for the first time, commented on the current situation.

Last week,  Oliver Tree posted a video in which he compared his old videos frame by frame with the latest release from The Kid Laroi, “Thousand Miles.”

“They stole so many scenes and thought I wouldn’t notice?” – wrote the artist.

The video went viral with 12 million views and 2 million likes. As a result, Oliver decided to comment on the situation to Rolling Stone. He stated that he did not blame The Kid Laroi himself but only the director of his video, Christian Breslauer.

“Exactly the same shot, exactly the same ambulance, everything is exactly the same,” complained Oliver.

Reportedly only had a week to create the video. According to Tree, this proves that the director may have turned to copy other people’s ideas. However, he claims that he was inspired by the comic “Spy vs. Spy.”

After consulting with lawyers, Oliver decided not to sue The Kid Laroi and his team, noting that he was not going to break the career of a young performer. Instead, he only wants to draw attention to lesser-known artists whose visual and musical concepts are often used without attribution.

Recall that Christian Breslauer worked with such stars as Lil Nas X, Doja Cat, The Weeknd, and Lizzo. However, neither he nor The Kid Laroi has made any official announcements yet. They also still haven’t contacted haven’t Tree.

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