Olivia Rodrigo sang the hit ‘Complicated’ with Avril Lavigne

Olivia Rodrigo sang the hit “Complicated” with Avril Lavigne . The pop star performed in Toronto as part of her sour world tour. Olivia Rodrigo added the song “Complicated” to her own tracks and invited Avril Lavigne the stage, who released this track 20 years ago.

Olivia Rodrigo continues her world tour “SOUR”: yesterday; she performed in the Canadian city of Toronto. The special guest of the concert was Avril Lavigne, whom the hostess of the evening introduced as an artist “who broke so many barriers and opened so many doors for girls like me. “

The singers performed the pop-punk hit “Complicated” together. Olivia often includes a cover of this particular track in her setlist. Recall that Avril released it 20 years ago as the lead single of her debut album, Let Go.

A little later, Avril Lavigne shared pictures from the show on her page, noting that she was happy to perform “Complicated” with Olivia.

From there, the pair reached the karaoke track in Y2K plaid skirts every year. Rodrigo hopped close to the stage in a heart-shaped top, fishnets, and knee-high boots, while Lavigan wore his classic miniskirt and leather jacket combo with black ankle boots.

Olivia Rodrigo and Avril Lavingeare the couple the world needs right now,” one fan tweeted with a video of this wonderful moment.


My heart is officially full between that and Haley Williams being brought on stage to perform the Misery Business during Billie Eilish Coachella.

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