Post Malone will become a father for the first time. The 26-year-old rapper told the world about the pregnancy of his girlfriend

The 26-year-old rapper told the world about the pregnancy of his girlfriend, whose name was not disclosed. However, post-Malone admitted that he was enjoying the happiest period of his life. A few days earlier, the artist announced the premiere of a new album.

Post Malone  is about to become a father. The musician told tabloid TMZ that he and his girlfriend were expecting a new addition. For 26-year-old Austin Post, the child will be the firstborn. It is reported that the artist’s girlfriend leads a secretive lifestyle, thanks to which their relationship could be kept secret for a long time. However, journalists’ sources say the couple threw a holiday party for friends and family members somewhere in Southern California last week.

I am looking ahead to this new chapter in my life. I’m more comfortable than I’ve ever been because I’ve been sad for as long as I can remember. It’s time to take care of your body, family, and friends, and spread as much love as possible every day, shared Post Malone .

Last week, Austin opened pre-orders for the new album “Twelve Carat Toothache,” which will premiere as soon as possible – June 3rd. The record will deal with an artist’s “ups and downs, disorientation and bipolarity in the mainstream.”

Talking to Billboard about the album earlier this year, the Post said the album comes with an effective 45 minutes of new music, as it was intended to avoid any filler content.

The tracks on the record, he said, talk more about how I’m handling right now: the ups and downs of being a mainstream artist and the chaos and bipolar aspect.


The Post said that he chose artistic expertise on commercialism to keep the number of songs on the upcoming album low.

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