PUBG Mobile And Baby Shark Collaboration Teases The Golden Chicken

Baby Shark, the popular and catchy YouTube song you’ve involuntarily heard whether you’re a parent or not, is teaming up with PUBG Mobile to deliver exclusive themed unlockable items.

Surprisingly, this is not the the first time PUBG Mobile has crossed over with Baby Shark. A collaboration happened last year, as well, giving players a Baby Shark emote and allowing them to unlock permanent Baby Shark outfits by sharing the in-game emote in creative ways.

Winner winner, chicken dinner

It’s unclear exactly what this new collaboration will involve, but there will be Baby Shark items and the video embedded above teases The Golden Chicken before repeating the phrase, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner,” twice.

Alternatively, on the competing battle royale front, Fortnite is currently featuring Marvel’s Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch characters and items.

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