Random: Kanye West’s E3 Game Pitch To Miyamoto Was Apparently “Very Moving”

Image: Nintendo

It’s no secret at this point that Kanye West wanted to work with Nintendo on a video game idea. The presidential candidate and occasional rapper pitched an idea to the publisher but was ultimately rejected, with Reggie Fils-Aime himself “politely declining” the opportunity to work with Mr. West.

Now, thanks to a story related by Twitch Community Producer Zachary Ryan via Twitter, we now have insight into the initial conversation between Kanye West and industry legend Shigeru Miyamoto at E3 2015. Ryan states that Miyamoto launched into the story during an interview to promote Star Fox Zero the following year after a Nintendo rep brought up the then-recently released Life of Pablo album.

West had reportedly arrived at Nintendo’s E3 booth unannounced and requested an audience with Miyamoto specifically to pitch his game idea. The game itself would later be revealed to be called Only One and would depict West’s mother, Donda West, ascending to heaven accompanied by a soundtrack conceived by West himself. The game has yet to see the light of day at the time of writing.

Ryan goes on to say how Miyamoto was shaking his head whilst describing the game; not because it necessarily sounded bad, but more so that he couldn’t quite believe that Kanye West was pitching him a video game. He reportedly described the idea as “very interesting” and “very moving” before laughing and exclaiming “Kanye West wanted to make a video game with Nintendo – WOW!”

A trailer for the still-unreleased Only One was revealed shortly after that 2016 encounter. You can it check out below:

What do you make of Kanye West’s encounter with Miyamoto? Do you think his video game idea sounded interesting? Let us know!

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