T.I. Slammed ‘Miserable Mother F***ers’ For Cruel Kevin Samuels Death Comments — ‘Y’all Bullying A Dead Man!’

T.I. Slammed ‘Miserable Mother F***ers’ For Cruel Kevin Samuels Death Comments — ‘Y’all Bullying A Dead Man!’

Rapper-actor-comedian Tip “T.I.” Harris was NOT here for people making fun of Kevin Samuels’ death on social media last week, so he went live on Instagram to address it.

The father of seven is a supporter of Samuels, a polarizing relationship guru who died last week at his home in Atlanta. Since news of his death spread, reactions from critics have overflowed on social media, citing Samuels’ controversial comments about “low value” women on his YouTube channel.

T.I. Accused Kevin Samuels Critics Of ‘Bullying’

Tip addressed Samuels’ critics during an Instagram live on Saturday, accusing them of “bullying” a dead person.

“I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it. I ain’t gon’ let y’all bully this dead man. We gon’ let this man rest in peace.

Whatever he did, he did it and [he’s] gone. He got away with it, f**k ya. That’s between him and God. Him and the Lord gon’ have to deal with it. You ain’t got no heaven or hell to put him in.”

During the 14-minute live video, T.I. remained supportive of Kevin Samuels’ message and showed his respect to the late 57-year-old while welcoming guests to his live. The star also dedicated a post on his page to Samuels whom he exchanged “philosophy” with.

Rest Well Big Dog. May God be pleased with & accept your service brother. Speaking your truth on behalf of the unnoticed was truly a thankless task. I’m thankful for the times we’ve had an opportunity to celebrate success & exchange philosophy together. Love and Respect King.

T.I. wasn’t alone in defending Samuels in death. Joe Budden seemingly called his critics “disgusting” in a tweet after news of Samuels’ death spread online.

“It’s disgusting what some of y’all do when death occurs.”

You can watch T.I.’s entire live addressing Kevin Samuels’ critics below.

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