Vampire Survivors: Where to find the coffin in Gallo Tower

If you find the Gallo Tower coffin in Vampire Survivors, you’ll unlock the latest character to the roguelike’s eclectic roster, Concetta Caciotta. She was added in the distinctly heavy metal 0.5.2 update, and the demon bat uses her guitar to shred oceans of foes to death. Remind me to never get on the wrong side of her.

Along with new Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions, we’ve also got a whole new weapon and two new Arcanas. But here we’re interested in the game’s brand new character, so before you can riff monsters to death in their thousands, you’ll need to find Concetta’s resting place. Here’s where to find the Vampire Survivors Gallo Tower coffin.

Vampire Survivors Gallo Tower coffin location: How to unlock Concetta

Before you can get to Concetta you’ll need to have reached Vampire Survivors’ fourth stage, Gallo Tower. You do that by getting to level 60 in the third level, Dairy Plant. Once you’re there, spawn into a match on Gallo Tower.

While you’d usually follow the question mark on your minimap towards a coffin, that doesn’t work in this case. That’s because you’ll need to find a special mirror, first. So to get there you need to head up from spawn, hugging the left side of the corridor, just like friedpotato did in the video above. 

Do that until you spot a mirror on an alcove wall to the left—it’ll be lit up, sparkling, and have some bats flying near it. Walk into it to warp into a smaller room and kill the guards so you’re able to move towards the coffin and unlock your new character. Once you finish your current run or quit you can buy her in exchange for 1000 gold.

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