Yes, Jed Duggar Really Mocked His Wife WHILE SHE WAS IN LABOR

Male members of the Duggar family don’t exactly have a lot of respect for female members of the Duggar family.

This isn’t breaking news.

For the most part, Jim Bob and Michelle have raised their sons to view the women they marry as nothing more than baby-making and child-rearing vessels with no mind or opinions of their own.

We’ve known this for ages.

And yet:

It’s still jarringg to see the complete and total disrespect in action.

Which brings us to Jed Duggar and his spouse, Katey.

Earlier this week, we learned the couple welcomed a son named True.

Jed Duggar, Katey Nakatsu and Baby

“He’s here! We love you so much, baby True!” Jed and Katey wrote on Instagram on Monday, revealing their newborn’s measurements and the basis behind his unusual name:

“Truett Oliver Duggar Born Monday, May 2 6:34pm 8 lb 5 oz 20.5 inches.

“Truett: ‘warrior for Christ Oliver: ‘peace.'”

On its own, this was a blessed and special development for the husband and wife.

Jedidiah Duggar and Katey Nakatsu COVID Joke Pregnancy Announcement

But footage from the pair’s very own YouTube documentation of the labor and delivery has marred the event in the eyes of many viewers.

In the footage, Katey is seen in a hospital bed, opening up to her husband about how excited she is to be having a baby.

Jed – who is behind the camera, filming his wife’s reaction – then grabs Katey’s hand, encouraging her to show off her manicured nails.

“Show us the nails; [she] just got her nails done,” Jed says, flashing Katey’s polished white fingertips at the lens.

Katey Nakatsu and Jed

Sort of a weird thing to bring up at this time, but whatever. Mostly harmless.

From there, a voice can be heard in the background, detailing the day’s meal times … as Katey beams with excitement.

“You’re all about the food,” Jed says to his wife once the menu topic is broached.

“They give you, like, a whole menu, and then you can order whatever you want,” she replies, sounding like the first person in modern history to be psyched over hospital food.

Jed and Katey's Honeymoon

Jed proceeds to giggle at his wife’s response, continuing on this tangent as follows:

“If anybody knows Katey, she’s all about food.”

Jed even pinched his pregnant wife’s cheek while making this remark, as if she were a toddler.

As you might expect, critics were absolutely aghast over Jed’s treatment of Katey, considering the circumstances.

Katey Nakatsu Wears Pants!

“Who says that to their pregnant wife, in the process of having said child,” asked one Reddit user after seeingg Jed mock Katey’s penchant for eating.

“This bothers me so much. That cheek pinch doesn’t make it any better,” a second person wrote on this same platform.

“That is such a condescending and patronizing gesture,” added a third, while a fourth agreed:

“He also pats her head, as if she’s a dog. Definitely sees her as less than. Disgusting.”

Jed Duggar and Katey Nakatsu

Elsewhere in this same YouTube video, Jed discussed the impending induction of labor, mentioning that a doctor would soon be coming in to start the process, looking at a clock on the wall…

… and seemingly being unable to read it.

“Right now, the time is – somebody read that clock for me,” the father of one said aloud as he tried to decipher all those numbers.

Katey quickly came to his rescue, reciting the time to be 9:25 p.m.

“I could do it; it would just take me a couple of seconds extra,” Jed said, much to the bewilderment of absolutely everyone who watched this play out.

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