Apple Discontinues The iPod Touch: Here’s Where To Get One Before Scalpers Buy Them Up

Apple will discontinue the iPod Touch, according to an announcement from Apple’s Newsroom. It’s the end of an era for the entire iPod brand, a line of music-centric portable devices that was highly popular in its heyday. The first iPod launched in 2001 to much huzzah and the final iPod Touch gen released in 2019 to a much quieter reception.

This is news that’ll make a lot of people feel old (this writer included). If you want to still get the latest iPod Touch for nostalgia sake or if you’re just into collecting old tech, the device is currently available on Amazon for $190. If Amazon sells out, you can also purchase an iPod Touch at Apple and other major retailers for $200 while supplies last.

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It makes sense why Apple is discontinuing the iPod Touch (and thereby killing the entire iPod line). iPhones offer everything iPods have and more, and if you can already access an entire music library on your phone, it makes lugging around a device dedicated to music unnecessary.

Music has accompanied how tech has evolved over the years, from the Walkman to the portable CD player–the latter of which was killed off by the arrival of the iPod. It’s wild to think that so many years later now, the once-revolutionary iPod that every middle school student toted is now outdated. Long live the iPod!

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