Emma Stone appeared at the Met Gala in her wedding dress, which no one had seen before

Emma Stone appeared at the Met Gala in her wedding dress, which no one had seen before. Fashion experts were sure that the actress did a homage to the “sparkling glamor” of the 1920s.

Last night at the Met Gala, the 33-year-old star of the films Cruella and La La Land appeared in a snow-white Louis Vuitton satin mini dress with a plunging neckline, wide translucent straps, lush feather trim, and a touch of 20s glamour. However, according to Vogue, the outfit turned out to be her own dress from the actress’s wedding after-party. Previously, only close friends of Stone could see him, and yesterday she showed the costume to the public for the first time. The actress dragged her hair back into a bun and accessorized her look with square-toed heels.

Note that the actress is famous for secrecy and keeps her personal life a secret, and therefore her wedding of Stone with the producer of Saturday Night Live, 36-year-old Dave McCarey, was held in the strictest confidence. At the time, an insider told InTouch Weekly that the actress had “grand plans” for the celebration that didn’t pan out due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, she was very upset that such an important day for them with Dave did not go as planned, but this did not cancel their love for each other – the source noted, – At first, Emma was shocked at the prospect of canceling everything, but later the couple still organized a small ceremony for her.

However, the actress still managed to show off the dress at the main fashion event of the year. Recall that the lovers officially confirmed that they had tied the knot only in September 2020, when fans noticed a couple with identical wedding rings – already nine months after McCarey announced their engagement on their social networks. 


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