Farrah & Sophia Abraham Celebrate Mother’s Day With Trip To Derek Underwood’s Grave

We celebrate all kinds of moms on Mother’s Day — the good, the bad … and the Farrah Abraham.

Now, we probably don’t need to tell you that Farrah won’t be winning any Mother of the Year Awards anytime soon — in fact, it’s sort of amazing that she still has custody of daughter Sophia.

But occasionally, Farrah forgets to be a completely batsh-t narcissist and actually does some solid parenting. 

For example, Farrah and Sophia visited the grave of Derek Underwood on Mother’s Day.

Derek is Sophia’s father who died in a tragic car accident two months before she was born.

“#mothersday my Mother’s Day is always made visiting the man who made me a mom,” Farrah captioned the video.

“God is great! Love being in #midwest  love my family! #blessed  proud of @sophialabraham  #fyp.”

Sophia at Her Father's Grave

The use of hashtags and the exuberant tone might be a little inappropriate for a visit to the a teenager’s grave, but at least Farrah has continued to honor Derek’s memory.

She last paid tribute to Sophia’s late father in December, when she offered some words of support to others who had lost loved ones.

“I hope you know you are strong, it’s healthy to feel many emotions & even over many years, decades even with trauma therapy, anti-depressants it’s normal to be sad, especially around holidays, coldness, darkness possibly when the tragic event happened,” she wrote at the time.

Farrah on Sophia's Birthday

“Wishing the loved one was there and new challenges unforeseen. Peace and positivity your way.”

Yeah, with Farrah you sometimes have to sift through the word salad to find the meaning, but her heart was in the right place.

Anyway, it’s been an eventful year in the life of the former reality star.

Farrah and Sophia on a Yacht

Back in January, Farrah was arrested for slapping a security guard at a nightclub where she had been partying.

She denied any wrongdoing, but video that was taken at the scene tells a very different story.

Farrah checked into rehab after the event but she left just a few weeks later.

Farrah Abraham Video Selfie

She could still face jail time for the assault, but she’ll likely get off with a fine and community service.

Farrah often engages in this sort of behavior, but these days, it’s a little more troubling, as 13-year-old Sophia is old enough to know what’s going on.

On TikTok, fans were mostly supportive of Farrah’s latest video, though a few took issue with Sophia’s graveside fashion statement as well as Farrah’s upbeat choice of song — “AA” by Walker Hayes.

Farrah Abraham Gets Angry

Humorous lyrics about keeping your drinking under control so that you don’t have to go to AA seem a little strange for a tribute to someone who died in a traffic accident.

“Happy Mother’s Day. It’s so nice that you’ve done that w/Sophie ever since she was a baby,” one commenter wrote.

“Ok but why this song choice,” another added.

Sophia Abraham Septum Piercing

“All I have to say is wow. Wow,” a third chimed in.

So yeah, the reaction was mixed, but the important thing is that Farrah, Sophia, and whoever that guy is (Derek’s dad, maybe?) were able to pay their respects in a way that they saw fit.

But maybe next time, Farrah will be inspired to choose a song that’s a bit more appropriate to the occasion.

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