Fortnite Update: May 10 Patch Notes Include Air Strikes And Two Guns Unvaulted

Epic Games has released the Fortnite May 10 patch notes, unvaulting Air Strikes and some rare weapons, as well as adding some new items to the Funding Stations for players to contribute to and decide which item gets unvaulted next, Shield Bubbles or Balloons. No updates from the warfront, however–looks like the battle between The Seven and the Imagined Order continues to rage over at Tilted Towers.

Unvaulted items

The two unvaulted weapons

The new patch is unvaulting a few new items for Loopers to utilize during matches; high-flying Air Strikes, the cannon-like Flint-Knock Pistols, and the deadly accurate Hunting Rifle. All of these will be added to the drops from chests and supply drops, as well as the ground loot pool. Air Strikes will allow players to rain missiles down on a selected area, while the guns will allow players to add a little flair to the eliminations they dole out on other players; use the Flint-Knock to blast people away from you (or off a cliff), or use the Hunting Rifle instead of the Ranger Shotgun to really put the hurt on your opponents. While these “trickshot” items are available for the rest of the season, Shockwave Grenade will also be easier to find around the island, but only for the next week.

Contribute to the War Effort

Funding Stations have some new options for players to choose what gets unvaulted next, between the Shield Bubbles or Balloons. These items will also be scattered around the island during a short trial period of May 13 to May 16 for Loopers to get the opportunity to try them out before deciding what to fund. Shield Bubbles will give you a temporary bubble dome, impervious to damage from incoming explosives and projectiles–and yes, this includes the Air Strike missiles. The Balloons will attach to your character’s waist and allow them to defy gravity like a certain grumpy old man and his house.

Players can drop into the Island with its new changes in the brand new Scarlet Witch skin.

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