‘I will never forget this: Amber Heard tearfully told the court how Jhonny Depp first laid a hand on her

The lawsuit between ex-spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have crossed the equator. From now on, it will no extended be witnesses from the actor’s side who will speak to those present but those who came to speak out in support of his ex-wife. So, naturally, it all started with the Aquaman star himself. Last Wednesday, she frankly spoke about how, in her opinion, the problems in their marriage began.

“We sat on the couch and seemed to just chat. He was drunk. At one point, I asked him about the tattoo on my arm – it was very worn out, and I could not distinguish what was written. He said that there was the word “Wine.” I thought he was joking and laughed. After that, he hit me in the face,” Heard recalled. The tattoo in question is the corrected inscription originally dedicated to Winona Ryder.

Amber admitted in tears that she did not understand how to behave after the first blow. Physically, Depp, according to Heard, did not hurt her. But she sincerely hoped that being drunk, he simply did not joke too well. The realization that everything is serious came to the actress along with the following blows. “I knew I had to leave at that moment. But in the end, I just sat, looked at that dirty carpet, and realized that parting with him would break my heart,” Amber admitted, not hiding her emotions.

At this point, Depp, according to Hurd, realized what he had done. “I got up, looked into his eyes, and then he began to cry. This is the first time I’ve seen a grown man cry. He apologized, asked for forgiveness, and said he was sorry. I understood that if I left everything as it is now, he would repeat it all again. So I just left the house and left,” recalled Amber.


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