Ireland Baldwin gets cheeky with ‘no BBLs’

Ireland Baldwin showed off all her assets on Instagram. Pic credit: @irelandirelandireland/Instagram

Model Ireland Baldwin puts in work and goes through different beauty treatments to keep up with the demands of being a model, but she’s just as candid with her treatments as she is the rest of her life. The young model spent part of her Monday undergoing an Emsculpt treatment on her behind while listening to Waka Flocka Flame.

She shared a short video clip with her followers of the Emsculpt machine doing its work on her, sharing her bare bum and legs with her 694,000 Instagram followers. The daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger was honest in her post, writing, “No BBLS, emsculpt and squats only.”

Although it’s not the first time Ireland has ever shared photos from one of her Emsculpt sessions, this footage is a bit more revealing than past shots of her body and face since she opted to ditch her underwear for the session.

Ireland Baldwin shows bare cheeks on Instagram

Ireland recently had fans reeling with a pantsless post regarding a cut she received while shaving. She showed off her buns during the candid post as she announced she wouldn’t be shaving anymore, but her most recent Instagram Story gives fans a closer look.

She tagged Lumera Medical in the post, a self-titled luxury medspa in Oregan that offers different cosmetic treatments such as microneedling, injectables, body sculpting, and more.

Ireland Baldwin's Instagram story showing body-sculpting on her buttocks
Pic credit: @irelandirelandireland/Instagram

The short clip shows the Emsculpt process at work as it sculpts her rear-end. According to Aesthetic Solutions, Emsculpt is an FDA-cleared energy device that burns fat and builds muscle by contracting the muscles further than one can do on their own. The result is supposedly better muscle definition and less fat.

Ireland seems to stand by the results of the cosmetic procedure and her figure is her own testament.

Ireland Baldwin shows off cleavage in bikini

While wrapping up her trip in California, Ireland shared a shot of herself as she lounged outside in the warm weather. The selfie showed off her red locks and makeup as well as the ample cleavage that her bikini top presented.

The model wrote that it “Definitely has been nice getting a little sun in California considering I am no whiter than translucent rice from living in Oregon.”

Her cheeks looked a bit rosy in the shot as she lounged in the shade with the sun at her back before heading back home to Oregon.

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