Personal nurse Amber Heard spoke about her drug addiction of the actress

Personal nurse Amber Heard spoke about her drug addiction of the actress.

Nurse Amber Heard spoke about her drug addiction and envy of Johnny Depp

Personal nurse 36-year-old American actress Amber Heard said that the artist suffered from drug addiction. It is reported by Insider.

At the next court hearing in a libel case against actor Johnny Depp by his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, the former personal nurse spoke last. According to Erin Falati, the artist used illegal substances and alcohol.

“Ms. Heard herself spoke about the fact that she has an addiction. There is also a family history of substance abuse,” according to a document provided by a medical professional.

In addition, the record also includes Heard’s own confession to the nurse that she used MDMA and hallucinogenic mushrooms in the company of a “famous male acquaintance.” According to Falati’s notes, the actress was in a state of drug intoxication for more than a day after that.

The artist’s former personal nurse also spoke about Heard’s hatred towards Johnny Depp: “She was nervous about being alone while he was on set. She was worried about the fact that he was more successful, and she was also jealous.”

Amber Heard was previously diagnosed with PTSD due to Johnny Depp. Forensic and clinical psychologist Don Hughes diagnosed American actress Amber Heard with post-traumatic stress disorder. It is reported by Sky News.

Hughes watched the artist for 29 hours, conducted a series of tests, and also talked with her mother and other doctors. The specialist noted that the disorder identified in Hurd is associated with violence from her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp.


Hughes added that she did not agree with the methods and conclusions of the psychologist Shannon Curry, whom Depp hired. Curry previously said that Depp’s ex-wife has a borderline personality disorder and hysterical personality disorder.

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