Rapper The Kidd Creole was sentenced to 16 years in prison for killing a homeless man

Rapper Kidd Creole was sentenced to 16 years in prison for killing a homeless man.

The 62-year-old  rapper The Kidd Creole (real name August Darnell), one of the pioneers of the old school hip-hop and a member of the Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, was convicted of 16 years in lockup for the murder of a homeless man. It is reported by TMZ.

The incident occurred in 2017: when the artist, passing by the homeless person, exchanged a couple of phrases with him, after which he stabbed the man several times in the torso. The rapper fled the scene of the crime, taking the subway to his office, and eyewitnesses called an ambulance for the homeless. At the hospital, doctors pronounced the victim dead from stab wounds.

From the very beginning, The Kidd Creole claimed that he acted in self-defense, but the evidence collected and the testimony of witnesses proved that the homeless man did not pose a danger to the performer. “Life is life, whether the person is homeless or a CEO,” the court said.

Earlier, in the mansion of 33-year-old American rapper, A $ AP Rocky, police officers found several pistols during a search after his arrest in a shooting case that occurred in November 2021 . Police found several handguns in the mansion of 33-year-old Rapper A$AP Rocky during a search after he was arrested in connection with the shooting. It is reported by TMZ.

Legal enforcement agencies took weapons from the rapper’s home during the process. Now the professionals have to discover how and under what cases he got it. In expansion, the test will indicate that handguns were used during the shooting in Hollywood in November 2021. Then, according to the injured man, A $ AP Rocky and his companions shot him several times.

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