The CW’s Tom Swift: Premiere Date, Cast & More Updates

Are you a fan of the science fiction and mystery genre? Better yet, are you a fan of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series of novels?

If the answer is yes, then The CW’s newest upcoming mystery drama Tom Swift might just be perfect for you.

When it comes to the history of Tom Swift and the original books, a lot of people aren’t aware that they were created by Edward Stratemeyer, whose company also created the characters of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys – but this time, under the collective pseudonym of Victor Appleton.

Now, after its success with Nancy Drew, The CW has decided to produce an adaptation of Tom Swift as well!

The series was first announced to be under development back in October 2020.

Its backdoor pilot (directed by Ruben Garcia) was plotted to take place during the second season of Nancy Drew, and the network also ordered a pilot script.

It was unsure which of these two developments would be moving forward and the show was under contention for a while – until August 2021, when The CW gave Tom Swift a straight-to-series order!

With COVID-19 restrictions lifted, production was able to continue and in March 2022, eager fans finally received news of an official release date: 9pm on Tuesday, May 31, 2022!

With that being said, here’s everything we know about The CW’s Tom Swift.

Who’s in charge?

Tom Swift was co-created by Melinda Hsu Taylor and Noga Landau, both of whom are also from Nancy Drew, alongside Empire’s Cameron Johnson.

Other Nancy Drew alums joining this project are Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage under their Fake Empire banner; they are credited as executive producers as well alongside Taylor, Landau, and Johnson, as well as Lis Rowinski.

CBS Studios is backing the production, under which both Schwartz and Savage are under an overall deal.

What’s Tom Swift about?

Though the original books featured an ambitious, teenage inventor, this adaptation reimagines the character of Tom Swift completely.

Now, though still an inventor, Tom is an adult and a billionaire. With his intelligence, wealth, and endless resources available within reach of his hands, he would seem unstoppable.

However, after the mysterious disappearance of his father, Tom is suddenly thrown into a world of science fiction, with unexplained phenomena and conspiracies at every turn.

With a strange and cryptic organization hot on his tail, Tom must step out of the comforts of his wealth in order to discover the truth.

Who will we see?

Naturally, the titular character was cast first as part of the backdoor pilot in the detective series Nancy Drew; Tian Richards was tapped for the role back in January 2021 and he returns to reprise the role for the standalone series.

On his quest for the truth, Tom has help from his trusty AI companion and mentor Barclay, who is voiced by LeVar Burton.

From Riverdale and Katy Keene comes Ashleigh Murray, who will play Tom’s childhood best friend Zenzi Fullerton, who is efficient, strong, and the only one who can be brutally honest with him.

Adding to the regular cast are Marquise Vilsón as Tom’s bodyguard Isaac Vega, April Parker Jones as Lorraine Swift, Tom’s mother, Ward Horton as Congressman Nathan Askol, and Albert Mwangi as Rowan, the Congressman’s bodyguard.

Make sure you catch Tom Swift, premiering on May 31st!

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