The star of ‘Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner, starred for Elle and spoke about her second pregnancy

Sophie Turner became the heroine of the new issue of Elle and talked about how she is training to become a mother for the second time. The Game of Thrones star, who confirmed her pregnancy rumors with an appearance at the Met Gala, admitted that motherhood plays a huge role in her life.

The actress and her spouse Joe Jonas are raising their daughter Willa together, who was born in 2020. Sophie told Elle magazine that she was trying to protect her daughter from public attention. But, according to Turner, she and Joe are very strict about the events they should attend.

The actress also admitted that many years of shooting in the cult series strongly influenced her. According to Sophie, in 2019, when the Game of Thrones ended, she could not recover for a long time.

I protect the life that Joe and I have built. Every time we walk the red carpet together, we need to make sure it’s the right thing to do and makes sense for our careers. We don’t want to “sell” ourselves as a famous couple. And my daughter never asked for that. I know how mental health can be affected by working in this industry: you are filmed every day and discussed. I don’t want her to deal with this unless she herself says, This is what I want to do. 


It was Joe who helped Sophie through the crisis. The stars got married in 2019 after three years of dating. According to the actress, family life and the birth of her daughter became her way out.

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