This train station tech demo from a solo Unreal Engine 5 developer is incredible

If you were wondering just how good games could look in Unreal Engine 5, then this video has to be seen to be believed.

Solo developer Lorenzo Drago has shared a video of a three minute tech demo using the new engine, based on the Etchū-Daimon Station train station in Toyama, Japan.

It is incredible.

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Drago worked on all modelling, texturing, lighting and animation for the video and used Unreal’s Lumen technology for the lighting. The Nanite geometry system wasn’t used.

The results look almost indistinguishable from real life.

Drago used VR control to simulate handheld camera movement, which definitely gives the video a creepy found footage vibe with its deserted environment.

When halfway through the scene suddenly switches to nighttime, it immediately feels like a horror game, but does at least show off some brilliant torch lighting effects.

Bear in mind this is just a tech demo of a small scene, but the results are impressive nonetheless.

So far, the only playable footage of Unreal Engine 5 we’ve seen is from The Matrix Awakens tech demo.

Digital Foundry went hands on with the engine and noted how demanding its features could be.

Further, the likes of the next Witcher game and the next Tomb Raider game are set to use the new engine.

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