Twitter Goes WILD After Leaked Video Shows A Completely Naked Jesse Williams During His Broadway Show!

OK, this is some super NSFW content for a Tuesday morning… so let’s dive in! LOLz!

Jesse Williams is starring on Broadway right now in Take Me Out, a show that tells the story of a gay pro baseball player coming out to his teammates and the world. As part of the well-received performance, which debuted last month, the hunky 40-year-old actor has to drop his drawers and show ALL the goods on stage.

And now, after a video was just leaked from his fully nude performance, let’s just say that a lot of NYC theater-goers are very, very, very pleasantly surprised! Ha!

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The full-frontal (and extremely NSFW) footage was leaked out onto social media on Monday. In the clip, Jesse can be seen standing on stage in a very steamy shower scene in the play. And you can see EVERYTHING!!! (And, yes, it’s a lot!)

It’s interesting — and concerning, TBH — because spectators are required to place their phones in sealed cases prior to the show just so they can’t do things like this! According to 2nd Stage Theater‘s website, spectators hand over their phones and other smart-tech devices to be stashed in Yondr cases “out of respect and support for our actors and in order to create a phone-free space.” The only way to retrieve it is to go out to the lobby and use an unlocking tab after the show! So what happened?!?!

To be fair, Monday wasn’t all bad for the Grey’s Anatomy star: he also received a Tony Awards nom for Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play on that day, too. So people are taking notice of his work… in multiple ways!

Still, he clearly must feel some type of way about the leak. While Williams’ team has not publicly commented on it yet, last month, he spoke to Page Six about his initial hesitation to do a fully-nude scene on stage. Telling the outlet that he’d been “terrified” of the thought during an early April interview, Williams later added:

“Then I noted that that was what I asked God for. I asked to be terrified. I asked to do something that was scary and challenging and made me earn it and made me feel alive and not comfortable.”

That’s definitely one way to look at it!

And on Monday night, prior to the shocking peen reveal online, Williams joined Take Me Out co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Watch What Happens Live to chat about the play. Speaking to host Andy Cohen about his live theater experience, the Cabin In The Woods star said:

“It’s a body — once you see it, you realize it’s whatever, it’s a body. I just have to make it not that big of a deal.”

You can watch Jesse’s full Monday night Bravo take on that subject here:

Williams is right, of course! But does he still feel that way about it now, even after somebody went and aired it out online?!

Speaking of the internet, ooooh, boy, did THEY have reactions.

Williams’ name trended on Twitter throughout Monday night and into Tuesday morning, with fans sharing their shocked reactions at seeing the star performer’s prodigious package! Here are a few of the takes on Jesse’s Johnson (below):

“Jesse Williams is the whole package and now everyone knows.”

“Jesse Williams lord have mercy”

“Driving to NY to see Jesse Williams on Broadway as we speak.”

“To whoever leaked Jesse Williams’s d**k pics: Thank you for doing the Lord’s work and I wish you a bountiful harvest this season”

“Whoever took one for the team and snuck camera to broadway to give us these Jesse Williams videos, thanks”

“just saw the pics and vids of jesse williams fully naked in that broadway play… my GAWD”

“saw jesse williams was trending and didn’t understand why people were on about it… i get it now”

Ummm… YEAH!

We’re not going to link to it, since it was illicitly leaked. But if you’re into this sort of thing, you could probably figure out how to do some (NSFW!) snooping around Twitter. Just saying! Ha!

Also, we’re going to leave this one here (below):


Reactions, Perezcious readers??

Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Watch What Happens Live/YouTube]

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