Yung Joc Explains His Arrest And Blames Child Abandonment Charge On His Child’s Mother 

Yung Joc Explains His Arrest And Blames Child Abandonment Charge On His Child’s Mother 

Last week Thursday (May 5), Atlanta officers arrested and booked Yung Joc into Gwinnett County Jail on a child abandonment charge. Details were hardly available when the news dropped this past weekend. Yung Joc, born Jasiel Amon Robinson, also did not comment on the circulating story. But by Monday morning, Joc changed his tune and broke his silence on his radio segment Streetz Morning Takeover for Streetz 94.5 FM. 

Yung Joc Explains How He Was Arrested 

According to his explanation, officers from the Atlanta Police Department pulled him over as he drove home to get ready for an event. A female officer identified him with “yup that’s him” while standing at his front passenger window. Then another officer at Joc’s window asked him to step out of the car. The officer handcuffed Joc, told him he might have a warrant, and transported him to the station for booking. The artist paid a $1,300 bond and officials released him about two hours after the arrest.

He confirmed that the abandonment charge involves child support payments. However, he made it clear that there was no abandonment. In fact, he says he was paying his child’s mother, whom he refused to name at this time, between four to five thousand dollars a month. This, Yung Joc said, is a claim he put on the lives of his mother and children. In his words, he was paying ahead to stay ahead, but also because he “didn’t want no smoke.”

Disagreement On Child Support Leads To Abandonment Charge

Then, Joc decided he wanted to take a step back to handle other finances, including his upcoming wedding expenses. As previously reported, Yung Joc tied the knot with Kendra Robinson in November 2021. Joc said the unidentified mother didn’t receive the payment news well.

“That person got mad. That mother got mad. And felt like no, you are supposed to keep paying me this,” Yung Joc said.

At this point, the radio host suggested creating an official child support contract through lawyers. Prior to this suggestion, they had not established a payment amount. The parents began the process of settling on a monthly amount, which required reviewing all of Joc’s income/expenses documents. By the end of the year, their lawyers were still in negotiations, but Joc offered to give his child’s mother $1,500 for Christmas shopping. Joc claims both his co-parent and her lawyer weren’t satisfied with the amount, leading to the abandonment charge.

“I didn’t even know, I didn’t even know I had a warrant for this,” Yung Joc said. “So here I am, I’m just living my life casually. Still paying child support and suddenly they put out this child abandonment warrant cause they did not want to accept the $1,500. So, when I go to court, this gon have to be reversed, this gon have to be taken off my record. Because there was no point in time where there was any abandonment. There was no point in time where there was no child support.”

At the time of his arrest, Yung Joc says he wasn’t even aware of the warrant. He also said he and his child’s mother have already established the payments. Yung Joc reportedly has eight children, including two sets of twins, with four different women.

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