90 Day Fiance Jibri Bell sold his first NFT and shares inspirational message

Jibri Bell celebrates selling his very first NFT. Pic credit: TLC

Congrats are in order for 90 Day FianceJibri Bell.

Jibri finally cashed out on his first NFT venture and made quite a bit from it. 

Jibri sold his first NFT

Jibri Belt recently took to his Instagram to share his most recent win. 

Jibri talked about his business endeavor of selling his very first NFT. 

In Jibri’s creative manner, it is only fitting that his first NFT is just as innovative as he is. 

Jibri created a pair of colorful pants that he named “Bubble Booming Bikini Bottoms.” 

Jabri captioned his post with, “Shout out to everyone who shared my First NFT “Bubble Booming Bikini Bottoms” the auction ended for 4.01 ETH! ( $10,096 ) I’m beyond grateful for everyone who supports my art! Every penny will go directly back into my independent music career! (Music emoji).” 

“I also Auctioned off my ripped pants on IG live! Thank you to everyone who tuned in! The final bid was $26,000, but unfortunately, the buyer backed out… so the pants are still available if anyone is serious about buying the pants and investing in me, drop a comment below or send me a DM! If the buyer of these pants is in the United States, I’m going to deliver these pants to you directly!”

Jibri also included a very inspirational message to share during this emotionally overwhelming time in his life. 

Jibri urges his fans to never give up.
Pic credit @jibribell/Instagram

He said, “even if you have to break up with that person that you love, even if you have to limit contact with negative family members or friends, even if you have to work that job you hate for a little bit longer, even if you have to quit that job you hate with no back-up plan, Never, I repeat never give up!”

Jibri encourages supporters to never give up.
Pic credit: @jibribell/Instagram

Jibri and Miona are on their way to financial independence

In the first few episodes of 90 Day Fiance, Jibri expressed that he was still struggling to find work and make enough money to provide for himself and Miona. 

Before Miona arrived in the states, Jibri had to have a serious conversation with her to ensure that she was saving money and not spending all of her money on materialistic things.

With Jibri now having sold his first NFT, he and Miona are on their way to living financially free. 

As Jibri mentioned in his post, he will be returning to his independent music career to hopefully bring in more money for himself and his future wife. 

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c

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