A$AP Rocky asks Rihanna to marry in the ‘DMB’ video

A$AP Rocky asks Rihanna to marry in the ‘DMB’ video. Now it remains only to release the long-awaited album “All Smiles.”
A$AP Rocky has posted a clip of “DMB” in which he proposes to Rihanna. He called the singer to marry in a very original way: the rapper put grills on his teeth with the words “Marry Me” (“Marry me”).
The video was shot by the artist himself – the video “DMB” became his directorial debut. Now the couple is expecting a baby, but the work on the video took place in the summer of 2021, so Rihanna appears in it in a “pre-pregnant” form.

One of the producers of the composition was Skepta, a popular British rapper. The track “DMB” is expected to be featured on A$AP Rocky’s new album “All Smiles,” with a release date yet to be announced. Last spring, the rapper said that Morrissey had a hand in the record, and Rihanna had an influence on her. The recording of “All Smiles” took place last summer during a joint trip with Rihanna to the United States. Their bus contained a mobile studio. So perhaps the singer can be heard on the album – according to the rapper, Rihanna influenced his new songs. A$AP Rocky also confirmed long-standing dating rumors.


One star guest on the album “All Smiles” will definitely be quite unexpected. They became Morrissey, with whom A$AP Rocky worked remotely. Morrissey not only recorded vocals but also helped the rapper write and produce songs. A$AP Rocky really enjoyed the collaboration:
A$AP Rocky’s latest album, Testing, was released in 2018. In 2019, he released the video “Babushka Boi,” and in 2021, he took part in the recording of the album Slowthai “Tyron.”

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