All the big announcements from Nintendo Indie World

Nintendo’s latest Indie World Showcase has now concluded – and before we get any further, no, we did not get an update on Silksong.

What we did get was a look at more than a dozen promising indie titles headed to Nintendo Switch over the next year, some of which were new reveals, while others popped up with new release windows. Oh, and a couple are out today!

The showcase kicked off with creature collection and farming game Ooblets, which is getting a Nintendo Switch release this summer. It previously launched via Early Access on PC and Xbox.

Hack and slash action RPG Batora was shown off, and had its 2022 release date narrowed to this autumn.

Enjoyable indie puzzle platformer ElecHead was up next. It’s made by one developer and launched last year on Steam to a warm response. Now, it’s heading to Nintendo Switch this summer.

Soundfall, a musical action game for up to four players that procedurally generates levels to music, is available from the Nintendo Switch eShop today – and also on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Wildfrost, a card-battling game published by Chucklefish, looks like a mix of Slay the Spire and Hearthstone. It’s coming this winter – more on that here.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, already on PC and Xbox, is headed to Switch this summer.

Gunbrella, a pixelly side-scrolling platformer where you hold a gun-meets-umbrella to traverse and blast enemies. It looks lovely, and is coming to Switch in 2023, published by Devolver.

We Are OFK, the musical narrative game about the making of a band, dating and paying rent in Los Angeles arrives with weekly episodes and interactive music videos on Nintendo Switch this summer. There’s more details on all of that here.

Silt is a hand-drawn noir ocean side-scroller where you can possess aquatic animals to use their strengths. We previously got to try Silt ourselves on PC, to chilling effect. It’s coming in June.

In a welcome surprise, the brilliant Apple Arcade and PC puzzler Mini Motorways – which Eurogamer likes a lotis coming to Nintendo Switch today!

Wayward Strand, a narrative game starring a teen journalist in an airborne hospital full of people and their stories to uncover, floats to Switch on 21st July.

Cult of the Lamb, the dark sheep-raising dungeon-crawler published by Devolver, is coming to Switch in 2022.

Going Under developer Aggro Crab is making a Soulslike game, Another Crab’s Treasure, for next year. Notably, and as the developer had previously suggested, it is not partnering again with Team17 on this one.

The showcase concluded with a look at several games, including a couple that are out today. These include Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, a treetop adventure about freedom and survival where you play as a lost gibbon, and Opus: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition, a narrative adventure which mixes anime storytelling and cosmic conundrums.

Finally, here’s the full presentation to watch, start to finish:

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