Briana DeJesus says she didn’t want to film about the lawsuit, treadmill incident on Teen Mom 2

Briana told her fans she didn’t want to film about the lawsuit on the Teen Mom 2 finale. Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus is claiming that she didn’t want her Teen Mom 2 finale storyline to focus on her beef with Kail Lowry.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Kail sued Briana last summer for defamation, but the case was recently dismissed, ruling in Briana’s favor.

The co-stars’ beef has been ongoing for at least five years and although their lawsuit is done, it doesn’t seem as though they’re done taking shots at each other online and on Teen Mom 2.

The Season 11 finale saw Briana ship a treadmill to Kail after learning that her nemesis had been “running her mouth.”

Briana DeJesus tells fans she didn’t want to film about the treadmill, lawsuit

Following the finale, Briana headed to Twitter where she interacted with her fans and critics. Teen Mom shared a GIF from their official Twitter which showed Briana’s scene from the sofa when she said of Kail, “Instead of running your mouth, run some f**king miles.”

Briana, however, had a message for her Twitter followers and claimed that she wanted her storyline to focus on her lupus diagnosis, not her feud with her castmate.

“Listen, I just wanted to film a scene about my lupus and s**t 😂 not this but whatever 😂😂😂,” Briana quote-tweeted along with the GIF.

Other than a lunch meet-up with her daughters and her baby daddies, Devoin Austin and Luis Hernandez, most of Briana’s segments during the Teen Mom 2 finale revolved around her lawsuit and dispute with Kail.

Kail accused Briana of fat-shaming

Teen Mom 2 viewers will remember last year when Briana mailed a treadmill to Kail’s new Delaware home. In December 2021, Briana hinted on a Teen Mom fan page on Instagram that a gift was headed Kail’s way.

“Something is coming her way in a few days so hopefully that’ll keep her busy instead of worrying about her ex and his d**k and my vagina,” Briana told the site.

Kail took the gesture as fat-shaming, calling it petty and hurtful. However, Briana denied that was her intention. When Briana brought the issue to her high-profile attorney, Marc Randazza, he flipped the script and told Kail she was the one acting petty.

Since their lawsuit has been dismissed, Briana and Kail’s legal woes are seemingly behind them. However, Briana threatened to countersue Kail to recoup over $120,000 in attorney fees after Kail already admitted to spending over $200,000 on the case.

The Season 11 Teen Mom reunion airs on Tuesday, May 17 at 8/7c on MTV.

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