Carmen Electra in plunging underwear is mic drop

Carmen Electra smiles close up. Pic credit: ©

Carmen Electra is owning the mic while stripped down to her underwear. The Baywatch bombshell took her Instagram followers on a trip down memory lane this week, posting a red-hot throwback and big-time showing off her figure.

Carmen, who actually boasts more followers than Baywatch queen Pamela Anderson, sizzled in her skimpy undies, with fans leaving her over 9,000 likes.

Carmen Electra is classic bombshell in undies mic shot

The 50-year-old, born Tara Leigh Patrick, posed all naughty eyes and open-mouthed while shot against a blurry background. Carmen made sure her curves popped as she wore a polka-dot bra and briefs set in black and white, also rocking sexy suspenders.

Proving it was the ’90s, the actress held a mic that gen z would definitely deem old-school. The ex to Dennis Rodman posed with one arm slightly raised as she showed off her toned stomach and cleavage, also sending come-hither vibes via her baby blue eyes.

A black heart emoji was the only caption.

Fans have, however, been seeing Carmen in up-to-date photos of late.

Last month, Carmen sent out her figure in a halterneck and glitter bikini top and sheer skirt as she danced around her fancy birthday cake and decorations, even provocatively licking the frosting. The April 23 post has topped 23,000 likes, with Carmen saying she “had to have a lil taste of the cake first.”

Carmen Electra remembers Baywatch audition

1997 marked Carmen landing on Baywatch shores. Turns out, she still remembers the awkward audition, one that included costar David Hasselhoff.

“I walked in, I knew I was going to read dialogue, so I had my scene ready. David Hasselhoff was in the room with the producers,” she told People. “The reading went well. After that they said, okay, here’s a red bathing suit. Go try it on and come back into the room. And to be honest with you, I had no idea, because I was wearing like leggings when I went to the audition. And I didn’t shave my legs that morning. I had no idea. I’m like, oh my God, I’m so embarrassed!”

Carmen then showed off her signature beach run, saying: “When I first started the show, I was running [full speed]. They said, ‘No, slow down.’ So, you just kind of end up in this moment.”

Electra only starred on the series between 1997 and 1998, but she did return for the franchise’s 2003 movie.

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