Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra: Still Married! Living in Different Homes!

When the world last checked in with Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra, the two had separated.

To hear them tell it, it wasn’t Colt being caught DMing other gals that was throwing a wrench into their marriage.

Instead, they put most of the blame at the feet of Debbie, Colt’s mom.

Nearly a year into their marriage, where do things stand now?

On this week’s 90 Day Diaries, Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra offered an update.

“We’ve been married about 10 months now,” Vanessa shared to the camera.

With that date, this was filmed in December 2021. 90 Day Diaries doesn’t require as many months to film and edit as the main shows do.

Colt Johnson Kisses Wife Vanessa Guerra

Though she and Colt are still joined in wedlock, they are not truly living together.

“I’ve been staying at my cousin’s house for the past month,” Vanessa revealed.

Their arrangement gets even weirder.

Colt Johnson and Debbie Johnson on 90 Day Fiance: Love Games

According to Colt, he spends the day with his mom — every day.

Each night, he spends with Vanessa.

That is not a recipe for a happy marriage, and clearly they are both feeling that.

Colt Johnson and Debbie Johnson in Tell All preview (Single Life s2)

Colt was the first to admit that he has not put his “best foot forward” in this marriage.

He characterized his actions as “coddling” his mother while simultaneously “taking advantage” of Vanessa’s patience.

But Colt being joined at the hip to Debbie is nothing new, so why isn’t Vanessa just along for the ride?

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra Photo

According to Vanessa, a grown woman, she felt more “freedom” at her cousin’s house than she does with her husband and mother-in-law.

She explained that Debbie would “meddle” in her marriage.

Vanessa also accused Debbie of hovering and offering criticism while she performed everyday tasks around the house — even just while cooking breakfast.

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra have separated

Vanessa sounds like she blames herself, at least in part.

She says that she and Colt never really “discussed” what their lives would look like together as a married couple before they got married.

Vanessa very naturally assumed that they would live together as spouses, but Colt apparently didn’t think about moving … at all.

Colt Johnson Presents an Engagement Ring

“If I could go back and change anything,” Vanessa admitted to the camera, “I would probably really discuss our future before getting married.”

Now, 90 Day Diaries is just that — it’s a check-in with cast members and couples, not a season-long journey.

We didn’t get any real resolution from this, and we likely won’t … unless these two chuckleheads show up on a future episode, or even season.

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra

The real takeaway from Colt and Vanessa’s ongoing issues (and we don’t just mean Debbie, who makes a convenient scapegoat) is a little different.

A lot of people may owe Larissa Lima an apology.

While Colt’s cheating scandal while married to Larissa was much worse than his possibly isolated DMing incident last year, a lot of this sounds familiar.

Colt Johnson drives his mom to her date

Debbie and Larissa get along these days — it’s actually wonderful to see their social media exchanges.

As the years have gone by, more and more people are rethinking how they viewed that marriage and people involved.

Larissa is over-the-top and a little out of her mind, but after watching Colt with Jess and now with Vanessa, he seems to be a bigger issue than any of the women in his life — including his mom.

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