DaniLeigh Says Her Controversial ‘Yellow Bone’ Song Was “Definitely Ignorant”

DaniLeigh Says Her Controversial ‘Yellow Bone’ Song Was “Definitely Ignorant”

DaniLeigh set the innanet ablaze last January when she posted a snippet of her song ‘Yellow Bone,’ which she dedicated to her “light skin baddies.” The song, in which Dani repeatedly rapped, “Yellow Bone is what he wants,” started a larger conversation about colorism, and some folks even accused Dani of throwing shade at the mother of DaBaby’s child, Meme O, who is dark skinned.

DaniLeigh and DaBaby were dating at the time, and now that that relationship has come to an end, the ‘Easy’ singer has issued another apology for creating a song about skin tone.

“It was definitely a learning lesson for me and I just want to say to everybody that I’m super sorry because it just was a mistake. I’m a Dominican woman, I have family members that are dark skinned, my daughter is a black girl. To even speak on skin tone, I realize how messed up that is now.”

Dani initially called critics of the song “sensitive” and questioned the idea that she was “hating on other colors.” It looks she’s she’s had a change of heart in the last year, as she explained to Angie Martinez that while she was aware of the prevalence of colorism, she was being ignorant when ‘Yellow Bone’ was written.

“I didn’t have no idea of it but I don’t think I wrote the song to intentionally be a praise to light skins or anything like that. So, I don’t know, I just think I wasn’t really thinking. It was definitely ignorant.”

DaniLeigh took a step back from making music during the course of her tumultuous relationship with DaBaby. Since then, she’s been focused on healing and being a great mom, and she revealed that her return to the studio was inspired by “closure.”

Her new song ‘Dead To Me,’ is part of her 7-song EP set to be released later this year, which will focus on the different stages of her recent relationship.

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