Deals: Nintendo Switch Consoles Are $40 Off In The US Right Now

In what is a very rare occurrence indeed, Nintendo Switch consoles are available at a significantly reduced price in the US today.

A number of retailers have been slashing the price of the standard Nintendo Switch model to just $259.99, down from $299.99. While Amazon and Walmart were also offering this lower price earlier today – since selling out or putting the prices back up – GameStop still have discounted stock at the time of writing.

If you or someone you know has been on the lookout for a Switch console, now’s a fantastic time to jump in – it’s hard to say just how long these reduced consoles will remain in stock:

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If you do decide to treat yourself to a Switch today, be sure to check out our guides on the Best Nintendo Switch Micro SD Cards and the Best Nintendo Switch Accessories to complement your purchase. Oh, and let us know if you manage to secure one at this cheaper price in the comments below!

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