EA Reveals It’s Working On An Unannounced Remake For 2023

Image: Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) shared its investor presentation this Tuesday, which is used to tantalise investors and make sure they stay on board for the next financial year. And this year’s presentation has a few juicy morsels, one of which reveals that EA is working on a Remake for the end of 2023.

We already know EA is publishing the upcoming Dead Space remake, so this is likely to be something brand new. EA has a huge library of games that it has published or developed, of course, so it could be absolutely anything. Ignoring that 2012 reboot, though, perhaps a remake of SSX or its incredible sequel, SSX Tricky, could be on the cards? Or maybe it’s time for Def Jam Vendetta to make a comeback.

We’re blue-sky thinking here, of course. It could be literally anything! But EA also revealed a few other ongoing projects that are slated for Q4 2023. Here’s what the company chose to share, including that aforementioned remake:

  • Major IP
  • Partner Title
  • Remake
  • Sports Title

Just like the remake, all of these could mean absolutely anything. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 has been hinted at, and that could easily be the major IP or partner title that EA is referring to. And the BioWare developed, EA published Dragon Age and Mass Effect series are both getting new entries — though Dragon Age 4 is the most likely of the two to hit that Q4, and even then we’re being a bit hopeful. A new Skate game, which was announced in 2024, is also being worked on.

Well, whatever these mean, we’ll probably have to wait a pretty long time to get any kind of details on them. Go wild, speculate, and let us know what remake or new entry in a beloved franchise you’d like to see EA put out there in the comments!

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