Eddie Lucas spills Below Deck Season 10 tea, reveals yachting show cast is ‘lowest-paid’ on Bravo

Eddie has dropped a couple of Below Deck bombshells. Pic credit: Bravo

Eddie Lucas has spilled some Below Deck Season 10 while also expressing his frustration with where the yachting cast was on the Bravo pay scale.

Below Deck fans first met Eddie on the inaugural season of the show. Eddie joined Captain Lee Rosbach as a deckhand to kick off the hit franchise.

The Maryland native returned for Season 2 and Season 3 but left after the latter when Eddie hooked up with stew Rocky Dakota, even though he had a girlfriend back home. Eddie and Rocky’s laundry room tryst are why cameras were added to that area.

After a five-season hiatus, Eddie returned to Below Deck to help fill a void for Captain Lee when Kate Chastain left following Season 7. As Below Deck Season 10 rumors like Heather Chase returns and Captain Sandy Yawn steps in for Captain Lee run wild, Eddie has confirmed one thing about the upcoming season.

Eddie Lucas spills Below Deck Season 10 tea

In an interview with the New York Post to discuss the housing market after Eddie bought his first home earlier this year, the Bravo personality dropped a bombshell. Eddie won’t be on Below Deck Season 10, and it was not his choice.

“I was not invited back to do another season. I actually didn’t even get a phone call from them saying they hired someone else — which kind of goes to show what the production entails. Everyone on Below Deck is expendable,” Eddie shared.

The first officer didn’t go into details regarding the season or if he spoke to his friend Captain Lee about the decision. However, Eddie did admit he would never rule out a return, even after not being asked back for Season 10.

Eddie says Below Deck cast is the lowest paid on Bravo

Below Deck has become ratings gold for Bravo over the past few years. Although the Real Housewives franchise does extremely well for the network, Below Deck has been crushing the franchise lately.

Despite the yachting shows success, the cast makes peanuts compared to the Real Housewives ladies. Eddie confirmed his frustration over how the Below Deck casts are treated.

“There is somebody monetizing off of the show, but it’s definitely not us Below Deck’ — regardless of it being the most popular show on Bravo — we are the lowest-paid cast members,” Eddie spilled.

It’s frustrating for Eddie because, unlike the Real Housewives who do not work, they are just having dinner parties and lunching, the Below Deck crews work hard.

Below Deck currently has four spin-offs, including Below Deck Down Under, which airs exclusively on Peacock. Below Deck Adventure has been green-lit, adding a fifth show to the yachting franchise.

Eddie Lucas won’t be back for Below Deck Season 10, and that’s not a rumor.

How do you feel about Eddie not returning to the show?

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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