Elden Ring sold over 13M copies in its first month

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Elden Ring managed to sell 13.4 million copies in just over a month, firmly cementing it as FromSoftware’s most successful game to date.

The staggering sales were revealed in Bandai Namco’s latest earnings call, spanning the first five weeks of the game’s release. Around 12 million of those sales came in the first three weeks alone. For comparison, Dark Souls 3 was FromSoftware’s former bestseller, shipping 10 million copies across four years. The Dark Souls series as a whole is sitting at around 27 million copies, so for Elden Ring to already be nearing half of that is no mean feat.

It’s felt like the most accessible Souls game yet, with a ton of my friends who’d previously never considered picking up a FromSoftware game diving straight in. There’s been tons of entertaining strats and speedruns over the past two months—from people clearing the game in less than 10 minutes to the legend that is Let Me Solo Her. Even for non-Elden Ring fans like myself, it’s been great seeing all the different ways people have been manoeuvring the Lands Between.

With the sales data only going til the end of March, who knows how many more copies have been sold throughout April and the beginning of May. I wouldn’t be surprised if Elden Ring is already close or surpassed 15 million, and I’m curious to see if it comes close to hitting the 20 million mark by the end of 2022.

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