Every Mainline Halo Game Ranked

The missions change. They always do. While that’s true, what’s at the heart of the Halo franchise does not change – it’s Master Chief, Cortana, some punchy guns that don’t get old, and a soundtrack that never lets up. Throughout the decades, Chief and Cortana (and buddies like Buck) have found themselves on Earth, Sanghelios, hurtling through space, aboard exploding rings, and more. But no matter the locale, we were finishing the fight – even when some of those battles were more grueling than others.

Sadly, Chief was absent from the fight the Game Informer editors partook in to rank all the Halo games from worst to best. It’s important to note that we opted to rank only the Xbox console FPS Halo games, which means you won’t find mobile, arcade, or RTS spinoffs like Halo Wars or Fireteam Raven in this list. Now, onto the ranking – continue to find out which Halo game finished the fight on top.

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