Final Fantasy XIV Players Sent To In-Game Jail As Devs Mull Mod Controversy

Square Enix / Bagel Goose / iantothemax (YouTube)

“I don’t think I should stream this,” Bagel Goose told his bemused team when they realized he was missing. “I’m in jail. I think I might be banned.”


According to Bagel Goose’s raidmate Melo, he also received a week-long suspension from Twitch for “cheating in a multiplayer game.”

It’s unclear how long Hiroro and Bagel Goose will be banned from Final Fantasy XIV. Kotaku contacted both Hiroro and Square Enix for more details but did not hear back before publication.


While avoiding these bans is as simple as concealing your mods from the stream, there also seems to be a concerted effort by a certain segment of the Final Fantasy XIV community to make sure these players are noticed and punished by Square Enix. Screenshots posted to Twitter and Reddit show users on imageboards like 4chan and 5ch pointing out high-profile players who use mods, indicating there may be an organized campaign to mass report the banned streamers.

In any case, it’s clear that mods will remain a sticky subject in the Final Fantasy XIV community for the time being, or at least as long as it takes Square Enix to expand the HUD’s functionality and make them obsolete.



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