Friend Who Blac Chyna Allegedly Assaulted Following Kardashian Trial Spills All — New Shady Details About Their Fight!

Blac Chyna‘s alleged attack on a friend — in which she reportedly kicked the woman in the stomach during a late-night disagreement last week — is coming into focus.

As we previously reported, the 34-year-old whose real name is Angela Renée White, is under investigation after allegedly kicking another woman in the stomach late last week at an El Lay-area nightclub. Now, that woman has come forward to tell her side of the story.

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The woman who was allegedly attacked by Chyna, Sequoya King, spoke to on Wednesday morning. In her all-encompassing claims, the 33-year-old mother revealed some of the alleged details of the reported physical altercation. As King explained it, she and Chyna were out partying in Los Angeles early Friday morning when “Chyna’s mood started to switch.”

While at an after-hours club at around 5:30 a.m. on Friday, King claims Chyna allegedly became paranoid about people around them supposedly filming her on their phones. Sequoya said:

“People had their phones out. She gets a little nervous, she thinks they’re recording her. She went into panic mode.”

The woman continued from there, alleging that she and Chyna got into a disagreement that escalated:

“I was texting on my phone, minding my business waiting for the club to clear. Then she turns to me like ‘You, why do you have your phone out?’ I turned my phone around and I’m like, ‘We’re here together. I don’t need to record you.’ I guess maybe that triggered something. She gets up and she’s yelling at me. She snatches my phone out of my hand and threw it down on the ground, completely shatters it front and back.”


Eventually, club security ushered the pair out of the establishment and onto the street. Once there, other people began to gather as Chyna alleged “continued to berate” her friend in public.

King alleged:

“We’re going back and forth for three or four minutes. I felt like I was in an episode of [reality show] Love and Hip Hop. She’s calling me names, I’m calling her names. So I hit her where it hurts. I told her: ‘You’re being a really nasty person to me right now. And that’s why you did not win your lawsuit. Because you’re a very nasty person.’”

Damn! She allegedly went right for where it hurts

At that point, the woman claims Chyna “charged” at her and physically attacked:

“When she heard that, she charged towards me. She kicks me, right in my stomach. I stumbled back, I got knocked down.”


Once the altercation turned physical, onlookers reportedly stepped in and separated the women. King claims she then took her daughter to school, and followed it up by filing the police report that initially led to the story breaking days ago.

The outlet reports how King felt Chyna was “acting strangely” all night. But once they got to the club, things took a turn for the worst. King claimed to the news org:

“Once we get to the bar, people are starting to notice like, ‘Oh, is that Blac Chyna?’ They’re trying to reach over me to touch her. I’m telling them no, she doesn’t want to be touched.”

At one point, King alleges, Chyna supposedly blocked the bathroom at the club and stared “demanding payment” from people in order to use it.

Allegedly referencing Chyna’s embarrassing online fundraiser aimed at appealing her recent lawsuit loss against the Kardashian family, King reported to the outlet that the spurned star tried to shake down club-goers to use the bathroom:

“There was a line behind us. She opened up the door and she was like, ‘if you want to use the bathroom, you got to pay $5. I got a lawsuit going on. Give me your cash app.’”

At one point, Sequoya claims, Chyna even allegedly tried to charge some guy $100 to get in!


Understandably, King was put off by the whole situation:

“In my head I was like, ‘I’m never hanging out with her again, I do not want to deal with this.’”

Yeah, no kidding! We’d feel the same way at that point. What do U think about these allegations, Perezcious readers?? It’s been a tough time of late for Chyna, that’s for sure.

Sound OFF with your take on the matter down in the comments (below)…

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May 11, 2022 10:10am PDT

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