Google I/O 2022: Follow Live Announcements of Android 13, Pixel Watch and More

Google I/O 2022, the company’s yearly developer’s conference, is about to start, kicking off a wave of tech announcements that will go all the way to the end of the year. For now, Google will be starting with a look at new software, Android 13, and potentially some new hardware too.

Rumors have already percolated online of a Pixel Watch making an appearance at this year’s I/O. It’s not too surprising considering Google relaunched its Wear OS platform with Samsung at last year’s conference with the Galaxy Watch 4. The company also released a pinball game yesterday to help show off new web and app tools for developers. It’s certainly a creative way to get some dev attention.

A new year also means a new version of Android. While Android 12 still seems fresh, we’re likely going to get an early glimpse into Android 13. And with the increasing popularity of foldable phones, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Google showed off some Android software developments for better compatibility.

You can watch Google I/O live on YouTube, or also here on our liveblog where you can follow along with our up-to-the minute analysis.

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