In the Dark Trailer Teases a Murphy Mason Prison Break!

Our favorite vision-impaired disaster child is back!

An all-new season of In the Dark returns on a new night, Monday, June 6, and Orange is the new Murphy.

The trailer teases that there are some new friends, but the same old Murphy Mason, despite her settling into life behind bars.

When we last saw Murphy, she got arrested and tossed in jail, choosing to take the fall for Jessica.

It was a polarizing decision that sent shockwaves through the fandom. While it was only a matter of time before the law caught up to Murphy in the gang, no one could’ve anticipated that she’d land behind bars.

And to make things worse, she’s now sharing a bunk with Nia’s trusty, loyal to the end second, Sam, who believes Murphy is responsible for Nia’s murder and much more.

Felix has good reason to be concerned about Murphy’s well-being while she’s in jail awaiting trial.

Sam the Cellmate - In The Dark Season 3 Episode 13

The trailer teases that life in jail is not a picnic for Murphy. She recognizes that she needs some protection on the inside with the likes of Sam and possibly others coming after her.

We catch a glimpse of a potential candidate for Murphy’s protection. It’s an older woman who seems like she’s no-nonsense, and Murphy informs her that she can be her “best friend.”

It’s a heavy implication that Murphy may partake in more illegal activities while on the inside, possibly getting involved with some drug smuggling in exchange for protection.

And Murphy has reason to be concerned. We see Sam taunting her and invading her space, the threat of harm very real.

Felix Confronts Sam  - In The Dark

And a devoted and loyal Felix confronts Sam during visiting hours, demanding to know if she’s done something to Murphy.

Felix is the most motivated to get Murphy out.

Her bail is set at two million dollars, and Felix is willing to go to extreme means to save Murphy, whether by bailing her out or busting her out.

Felix gets some assistance from Lesley, a surprising ally in the quest to help Murphy. He also gets help from a reluctant Max.

And Max Shall Lead the Way - tall - In The Dark Season 3 Episode 8

While Max and Murphy made amends, he’s reluctant to help and doesn’t seem concerned with how serious things are for Murphy or that her life is in danger.

Lesley is still in Felix’s ear about the hold Murphy has on him, and we see multiple examples of how he’ll go to extreme lengths to help his friend, including a ridiculous attempt at robbing a wealthy home and getting beat up.

Meanwhile, Murphy is navigating prison life as best as she can, finding herself in more trouble and dealing drugs, and we hear her stating, “this is not how I want to spend the last moments of my life, ” while getting wheeled on a stretcher.

Even Murphy’s public defender in court is a disaster and can only claim innocence because she’s blind.

Public Defense  - In The Dark

Gene appears in the trailer, and while Murphy is in prison and the trio of Felix, Max, and Lesley are attempting to help her, Gene and the cops are trying to pin more things on her.

And noticeably absent from the trailer is Jessica.

Murphy did all of this to make amends for being a terrible friend and to protect Jessica, and her former best friend is nowhere to be found.

Check out the trailer for the new season below!

In the Dark returns with all-new episodes on June 6 at 9/8c on The CW.

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