Jenelle Evans Joins Top 1% of OnlyFans Creators: I’m Rich Again!

In the three years since Jenelle Evans got fired from Teen Mom 2, she’s tried just about everything to make a buck.

Well, everything except applying for a real job, that is.

Jenelle has attempted to launch a cosmetics company and a clothing line; she’s tricked various brands into sponsored content partnerships, only to watch the deals go bust the second these businesses find out about her appalling past.

Evans launched a podcast but gave up after two episodes; she launched a subscription-only site for fans but failed to produce any content for it.

Now, she’s pursuing a more conventional hustle — one that actually resembles real work.

And if she sticks with it, she might soon find herself in a place where she hasn’t been a very long time: the Land of Financial Stability.

Yes, like Bhad Bhabie and Bella Thorne before her, Jenelle has launched an OnlyFans page.

Jenelle Evans on OnlyFans

The price of admission is high — the former reality star is currently charging $20 a month for subscriptions, and those who have taken the plunge say that she charges extra for access to the really racy content.

But so far, Jenelle’s business plan seems to be working.

Earlier this week, Evans shared a screenshot of a message that she received from OnlyFans admins informing her of her popularity in the site.

Jenelle Evans on Her TikTok

“You are in the top 1.3 per cent of all creators!” the message read.

Jenelle encouraged her fans to continue subscribing — if for no other reason than to irritate her critics.

“Let’s keep this hype train going,” she wrote on Instagram.

Jenelle on OF

“Haters are so mad y’all are being supportive.”

Jenelle’s experience with OnlyFans has been so positive that her husband, David Eason, has followed suit and launched an account of his own.

No word yet on how many subscribers David has racked up, but we’re guessing he won’t do quite as well as Jenelle.

David on OF

Evans toyed with the idea of signing up for OF for years before she finally did so last week.

Her apparent hesitancy led many to speculate that she’s not comfortable with posting adult content.

Of course, posting nudes is not a requirement for membership on the site, and many users merely post pics that are slightly more racy than what they would feel comfortable sharing on Instagram or Facebook.

Jenelle Evans Speaks to Fans

Jenelle is clearly doing well for herself in her first week of membership — but will she be able to maintain this level of success?

Obviously, at least some of her subscribers signed up out of curiosity, and there’s sure to be a drop off in her second month on the site.

Hopefully, Jenelle is aware of this and is preparing for it by planning some sort of promotion or price decrease.

Jenelle Evans Sells Clothes

OnlyFans creators who have maintained their popularity over long periods of time can attest to the fact that it requires real work.

And frankly, real work is not Jenelle’s strong suit.

We wish her the best for the sake of her kids — but hopefully, she’s got some sort of Plan B in place. 

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