Judd Apatow Wants To Make Superbad 2, But The Actors Don’t

In a new interview, filmmaker Judd Apatow says that while he’d love to make a Superbad sequel, stars aren’t so keen. On ​​the Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast, Apatow echoed and further confirmed other comments that have been floating around from the principals over the years.

“I know that Jonah [Hill] said, ‘Oh, it’ll be funny to do it when we’re 70 or 80,'” Apatow said. “But I really wanted them to do a Superbad in college where Jonah flunks out of college and just shows up and visits Michael Cera at college.” For readers who desperately want to see a plot like this, may we humbly suggest considering revisiting the polarizing Season 4 of Arrested Development, in which Jason Bateman’s Michael Bluth “visits” Cera’s George Michael at college–and forces his way into being his uninvited roommate.

Apatow was referencing a comment Hill made to W Magazine back in January 2022, describing the “only way [he] would ever make” a Superbad sequel was if his and Cera’s characters’ “spouses die, and we’re single again.” In March this year, Cera told Esquire, “I think that everybody is pretty staunchly against this, just because we feel good about the movie. It could only tarnish something that is a good memory.” However, Cera said he’d be more than happy to work with the same group of people together on another project.

But, Apatow said, “I always wanted to do a sequel to Sequel bad… everyone was like, ‘Nah, we don’t want to screw up Superbad by accidentally making a crappy second one,’ and I would always say the same thing, ‘Well, that’s like saying don’t make the second episode of The Sopranos. Why do you think we would screw up the second one?”

Apatow’s latest film was The Bubble, a meta-story about a group of actors who are trying to complete a big-budget Hollywood movie during the pandemic while living together in a hotel. The Bubble hit Netflix back in March.

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