Margaret Josephs to Teresa Giudice: GTFO! No One Wants You on Bravo Anymore!

Margaret Josephs has a pretty clear and direct message for Teresa Giudice.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member clashed frequently with Giudice throughout Season 12, often questioning the possibly shady past of Teresa’s fiance, Luis Ruelas.

At one point, Giudice got so fed up with her colleague that she hurled a glass in her direction and trashed Josephs as a white trash bitch.

In the wake of such behavior, plenty of viewers have come out against Giudice.

Some are even calling for Teresa to be fired.

Where does Josephs stand on the possible ousting of her rival?

When asked on the latest Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast about filming with Giudice on Season 13 – with cameras set to roll in a few weeks — Josephs said that Giudice has unresolved business and “healing to do with a lot of people.”

Margaret also thinks Teresa may have upped her crazy factor this season for a specific, selfish reason.

m. josephs

“I’m sure she would love a spinoff,” Josephs said of Giudice.

“I don’t think it’s happening. I don’t. I just don’t see it happening… I just feel like she’s good in an ensemble.

“She needs other people to play off on.

“I think she’s tired. Of course. She’s tired. She’s done this for a long time. I think this season drained her.“


A few days ago, Melissa Gorga hinted that she wanted to see her sister-in-law leave the franchise.

“I do think that she’s come to a point where she doesn’t enjoy it anymore,” Gorga said of Giudice on The Wendy Williams Show, adding that Teresa and Margaret aren’t talking these days and stating of Teresa:

“It’s very obvious that she doesn’t enjoy it.”


Josephs, meanwhile, thinks that if Giudice did decide to leave the series, everything would basically be just fine and dandy.

“I think we’d be fine,” she told Yontef.

“I mean, I think because it’s an ensemble, I think we, you know, we’d get more women and I think everything evolves. I mean, Atlanta has carried on. Other shows, have lost the people they’ve started with.

“And I think, you know, New Jersey, the Garden State is not gonna fall down. The Garden State won’t fall down.”

Teresa Giudice Via Confessional

Maybe not.

But critics shouldn’t get their hopes up for a Teresa Giudice departure, either.

“I think I’m gonna ride it out,” Teresa said of her future on this beloved franchise during a recent episode of E! News‘ The Daily Pop.

“I started it and I think I’m going to ride it out to the end, until [Andy Cohen] doesn’t want me anymore.”

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