New Google Pixel Tablet with Tensor teased as the ‘most helpful’ slate of… 2023

Instead of simply saying “one more thing” during its I/O conference keynote opening, Google kept shooting at us with product announcements as disparate as the new Google Buds Pro or a Pixel Watch, but the icing on the teaser cake was the announcement of a… Google Pixel Tablet.

Yes, Google will be back in the slate business with a new tablet that it said will be powered by its internally developed Tensor system-on-chip processor. Unfortunately, the Pixel Tablet is not arriving before 2023, but Google said it is so excited about the things people will be able to do with it that it couldn’t hold it a secret any longer.

By 2023, the Tensor chipset will be in its third iteration, as Google said the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will be powered by a Tensor 2 processor and who knows what AI and neural network algorithms will be laid inside the silicon, so Google may be right to warn us that its upcoming slate will be the “most helpful tablet” for people ever.
As for the design, it doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary, big swinging bezels to grab and all, but its soft edges slope towards the front panel rather elegantly and it will seemingly be available in the cool pastel color that the Pixel 6a will be landing in come July 21 when you can preorder one of its three hues.

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