Prince William urges British women to take care of their men due to the country’s high suicide rate

Prince William urges British women to take care of their men due to the country’s high suicide rate.

Prince William continues his work to combat male suicide rates in the UK. On Tuesday, the 39-year-old Duke of Cambridge reaffirmed his commitment to James’ Place, an organization that provides support to men facing a suicidal crisis, by opening a new charity center in London. He previously also opened their first center in Liverpool in 2018.

Claire Milford Haven and Nick Wentworth-Stanley founded James’ Place after the death of their son James in 2006. The clinical team of professionals at James’ Place accepts referrals from emergency departments, family physicians, student counseling services, and community organizations that come into contact with men in crisis. Experts then provide intensive therapeutic intervention throughout the crisis period, using clear, everyday language to help men understand how they reached the crisis and what sustains it. Together with specialists, the men are learning new ways to overcome difficulties that will help if they encounter similar circumstances in the future.

At the new center on Tuesday, William watched a demonstration of one of the charity’s innovative exercises, “Put Your Cards on the Table,” which helps men put into words what they think and feel. He also met with trustees, local health partners, and supporters of the organization.

William made the fight against male suicide an essential part of his work. Both he and his wife, Kate Middleton , have been said supporters of mental health for many years. Prince William has theretofore said out about his own mental health issues while working as an air ambulance pilot. Cambridge spoke about the post-traumatic stress disorder he experienced after witnessing tragic situations when he and his team answered emergency calls.


In 2019, Prince William helped launch an accident and self-harm prevention program on the River Thames in London. Every year there are about 700 incidents, more than 30 of which are fatal.

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