Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 to lose a bit of weight

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Z Fold4 this Fall and it will bring a bunch of design changes. According to the leakster Ice Universe, those will result in significant weight reduction and the new foldable will tip the scales at under 260g.

Detailed specs of the upcoming phone are yet to arrive, so at this point we can only speculate on how the weight loss will be achieved. The battery capacity will be unchanged, while bezels will be trimmed slightly, but probably not enough to account for the 5% difference. A new hinge design may be involved, but there’s no solid evidence for that yet.

Another way the Galaxy Z Fold4 could lose weight is if it replaces the aluminum frame and hinge with some sort of plastic, but this is an unlikely solution because it would lose its premium appearance. Either way, we are on the lookout for more leaks in the upcoming months that should help us form a clearer picture.


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