Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 20 Review: End of the Day, Anything Can Happen

Chicago Med returned with an emotional episode involving secrets between fathers and children.

On Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 20, Choi was up to his old tricks, this time driven by the anger he harbors over his father taking his secret to the grave.

He wasn’t the only one dealing with secrets, either, as Scott was forced to take care of a mob boss’ seriously ill child and Vanessa’s patient triggered her curiosity about her bio dad.

Choi’s story was, in some ways, typical Choi.

In the last several years, Choi’s gotten on my nerves more than once because he thinks he knows better than the patient how to live their own lives.

This time around, his reason was sympathetic but still wrong. He was triggered by his upset about learning that his father had a male lover that he never knew about.

Charles tried to tell Choi that what his patient did was not Choi’s business, but Choi couldn’t listen. He deserved every bit of the patient’s wrath over it.

High School Reunion - Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 20

He didn’t know the situation, didn’t know why Miles wanted to keep the diagnosis to himself, and did an end-run around HIPAA to help Anya find out the truth while keeping his hands clean.

The fact that Anya wanted to know the truth was no excuse, either.

This is what losin’ a step looks like. Can’t run, can’t see.


He could have talked to Miles again to let him know that Anya was asking questions. If he was super concerned that Miles was creating a mess for himself, he could have had Charles come by to offer to help Miles break the news to his daughter.

Instead, Choi took it upon himself to undermine the patient’s express wishes yet again. Why does he continually get a pass for this kind of behavior when Archer and Will never do?

A Dying Grandson - Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 20

Of course, Miles would have deteriorated eventually, which means his daughter would have had to learn at some point what was wrong with him. Still, it wasn’t Choi’s call to make.

As an aside, I was so excited that Shawn Christian popped up as Miles. I loved him on Days of Our Lives, and he did just as fantastic a job playing a patient rather than a self-assured doctor here.

While the story mainly focused on Choi’s dislike of Miles’ choice not to tell his daughter the truth, the subplot of Miles’ realization that he was getting older and couldn’t do as much as he could before resonated emotionally.

That’s a secondary reason that I wish Choi had asked Dr. Charles to talk to Miles. Both Shawn Christian and Oliver Platt would have rocked a scene discussing Miles’ difficulty accepting the way MS would change his abilities, and it’s a pity there wasn’t time for that.

Fighting for a Patient - Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 20

Anyway, I’m not sure why Archer thought Choi’s behavior made Choi’s decision not to re-take the ED Chief role the right call. When he was ED Chief, Choi did the same sorts of things, and Archer has also done so.

Now that Goodwin finally trusts Will, maybe she should give him a shot at the position. After all, he came through for the hospital when it meant betraying a friend. That has to demonstrate growth for him as well as leadership potential.

Miles wasn’t the only one keeping secrets during the hour. Both Blake and Scott are caught up in situations that could prove dangerous for themselves and patients.

Scott’s mob connection storyline has dragged on long enough. Stefan’s presence at the hospital put everyone in danger once, and now that same mob guy is back.

A Desperate Grandmother - Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 20

You’d think Goodwin would be concerned about Scott continuing to be involved with the people who already put her ED at risk!

And with that mob guy following Scott and eavesdropping on him and Milena, there’s guaranteed to be violence soon.

Of course, Scott did save little Eva’s life. Her father might be the head of the mob, but Scott only cared about helping a little girl get well. That might help save his butt from whatever the mob has planned.

It’s clear the boss doesn’t like Milena and might be onto the fact that she’s a cop, but will he be more forgiving of Scott given what Scott did for him?

Dealing With The Aftermath - Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 20

Blake’s story felt like it came out of nowhere. There have been no previous signs that anything’s wrong with her hands.

That’s okay, though. The doctor becoming the patient trope is one of the most potent medical dramas have at their disposal, especially when a surgeon’s illness may interfere with operating anymore.

When did Blake realize her hands were shaky? If it was before Celeste’s surgery, she had no business doing the operation instead of asking another doctor to take over.

If it happened mid-operation, she should have had Marcel take over then, not wait until Celeste needed a second operation to correct Blake’s work.

Shocking News About His Dad - Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 20

This could be a compelling story that humanizes Blake, but it should have been set up correctly instead of her hand problem nearly costing a patient’s life before she told anyone about it.

Finally, I was surprised that Vanessa’s patient turned out NOT to be her father.

He and Vanessa shared unusual allergies and a love of trail mix, and he knew and admired Maggie. Maybe it was too obvious, but it felt like a near certainty that he was her bio dad.

Maggie was so reluctant to share info about who Vanessa’s bio-dad was that it felt like more than not wanting to break a confidentiality agreement. There’s some story there, but I have no clue what it is so far.

Still in Charge - Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 20

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