Daniel Radcliffe recreates accordion in the first trailer for Weird Al Yankovic’s biopic

The most beloved magician with a lightning bolt on his forehead has long been not afraid to show his crazy side to the audience. Daniel Radcliffe experiments with the game and chooses more vivid prototypes of his on-screen characters. One of them was the eccentric musician known to the world as Weird Al Yankovic. We still remember the seductive dances of the actor in the TV series Miracle Workers, and now the artist has picked up an accordion. On the positive side, there are quite a few shots of the semi-nude actor in tight leather pants, and we have to admit that he looks magical!

In the first trailer of the future biopic about the life of an eccentric singer-parodist, he confidently picks up this melodic instrument. “Does anyone have an accordion?” Radcliffe says in the 60-second teaser. At the very end, Daniel, in an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt and fluffy hair, closes the door for the audience after Madonna herself (played by Evan Rachel Wood) enters. “What can I say? I am full of surprises,” he says. 

But if you think Radcliffe is taking his role lightly, that’s not the case. According to him, wearing a Hawaiian shirt is a huge responsibility, and it is a great honor for him to finally share the true story of Weird Al’s depraved and scandalous life. As for the musician himself, he enthusiastically accepted the candidacy of Radcliffe and is sure that it is for this role that the future generation will remember him. Al became not only the prototype of the future film but also wrote the script in collaboration with director Eric Appel.


In addition to the 34-year-old Harry Potter star and Wood, the film also stars Julianne Nicholson, Rainn Wilson, and Jimmy Walker Jr. The biopic Strange: The Al Yankovic Story will premiere on Roku.

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