Does Diablo Immortal Have Cross-Play Or Cross-Progression?

When it was first announced, Diablo Immortal was only confirmed for mobile devices. However, that has now changed as we approach its June 2 release date, with Blizzard confirming the free-to-play dungeon-crawler will also be available on PC. But with a game like this, which relies heavily on multiplayer interactions, it’s important to keep the community together. So, does Diablo Immortal have cross-play? And does Diablo Immortal have cross-progression so you can switch platforms on the fly?

Diablo Immortal cross-play support

Blizzard hasn’t shared many specifics yet, but it has confirmed that yes, Diablo Immortal supports cross-play between mobile and PC. If you’re on PC and your friends are on a mobile platform, you’ll be able to play the game together, and because there is controller support on both mobile and PC, no one should feel like the weak link if they aren’t by a keyboard and a giant monitor.

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Because it’s launching on mobile at the same time that open beta hits PC, the team wanted the interface to be almost exactly the same on both platforms. It will scale up from mobile, and though you’ll see some on-screen buttons that can be used in the PC version, there will also be hotkey support for “all major functions.”

Diablo Immortal cross-progression support

Blizzard has said very little about the specifics here, but Diablo Immortal will support cross-progression. This almost certainly means the character you play on PC will also be available to play on mobile, letting you go back and forth between the two platforms without losing any experience or loot.

Because the original mobile version of the game allowed for simultaneous moving and attacking, this feature was also carried over to the PC version–as such, you will have the choice of using the WASD keys for movement and mouse-clicking for attacking, though traditional mouse movement will also be an option for those who are used to previous Diablo games.

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