Mob Psycho 100’s third season airs this October

Mob Psycho 100’s third season officially has an air month, the show’s official Twitter account revealed early Thursday morning, alongside a new trailer. The announcement didn’t specify how Mob Psycho 100 would air in the US, but the show will almost certainly appear on Crunchyroll this October — especially with Funimation’s merger with the streamer.

The titular psychic Mob will return to school in season 3 for more psychic shenanigans, and face down a cult looking for someone with psychic powers. But in the newly released teaser trailer, Mob seems far more concerned about his future career path than anything else.

For the uninitiated, Mob Psycho 100 follows Mob as he works his way through school while dealing with his psychic powers. He often has to use his abilities (and his kind heart) to take down a variety of foes. The original manga is written by ONE, the creator of One Punch Man, and contains 16 total volumes. Studio Bones (My Hero Academia, FullMetal Alchemist, Space Dandy) is responsible for the anime, which debuted in 2018.

The show’s second season was both popular and beloved in 2019Mob Psycho 100’s first and second seasons have roughly covered the first 12 volumes of the manga. The third season will likely be the anime’s final, covering the last three volumes and closing out Mob’s story.

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